Project Closure Plus

We understand that the client's biggest concerns are on how we will maintain quality, programme and achieve a 'clean' handover. We have spent many years introducing and developing Project Closure Plus (PCP) a process that encompasses all of these requirements.

PCP is set of systems and procedures that are regularly checked at board level to ensure that these the most important elements are all achieved to the high standards imposed by PCP.

PCP requires the 'buy in' of the Client, Clients Professional team, our fitters, Arena delivery team and the Arena Board of Directors.

To achieve PCP Arena must achieve the following:
  • The Project is delivered snag free.
  • All statutory sign offs, operation manuals and maintenance plans are issued, any variation approvals etc, are in place at Practical Completion.
  • Draft Final Account submitted at Practical Completion.

How Does It work?
PCP is dependent on three major factors:

We nominate an internal Pre-Construction Director to oversee this entire process. A Director will ensure all the Pre-Construction activities are personally signed.

One of the single most important part in achieving PCP is to ensure we have full involvement of our work force, we incentivise our fitters by releasing full retentions at Practical Completion if they fulfil PCP criteria during the project.

All PCP activities are monitored at site level and checked at by the visiting director. Ultimately it is you, the client that passes PCP; with an 87% success rate, we are confident in the quality of our delivery.